Monday, September 29, 2008

33 - surgery cases mcqs - 2

Question 2 :

A 45-year-old man skidded from the road at

high speed and hit a tree. Examples of deceleration

injuries in this patient include:

(A) Aortic valve rupture

(B) Kidney injury

(C) Posterior dislocation of shoulder

(D) Mesenteric avulsion

(E) Stomach rupture


(E) Deceleration injuries occur when the body

is subjected to a sudden stop when traveling at

a high speed (e.g., high-speed automobile hitting

a tree, fall from a height). As the impacting

part of the body comes to a sudden halt, the

organs behind continue to travel forward, thus

causing shearing injuries at the junction of

mobile and fixed parts; such as mesenteric

avulsion. The other choices are possible but

much less common.

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