Monday, January 14, 2008

21 - surgery mcqs - 171 to 180

171) Type of renal stone in alkaline urine is

a. Uric Acid

b. Oxalate

c. Cystin

d. Calcium Phosphate

Answer d) Calcium Phosphate

Reference: Bailey and Love 24th Edition Page 1316

172) Painless lock jaw

a. Dental abscess

b. Submandibular abscess

c. Tetanus

d. None

Answer c) tetanus

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 143

173) Frey’s syndrome is associated with

a. Parotid

b. Spleen

c. Lungs

d. None of the above

Answer a) Parotid

Reference: Bailey and Love 24th Edition Page 734

174) Which lobe of liver is related to lesser sac

a. Tuberomentale

b. Caudate lone

c. Quadrate lobe

d. Riedel’s lobe

Answer b) caudate

Reference: Gray’s Anatomy

175) Ulcer with undermined edges is

a. Tuberculosis

b. Gumma

c. Rodent Ulcer

d. Squamous cell carcinoma

Answer a) Tuberculosis

Reference: A manual of Surgery Das , page 47

176) A patient presenting with acute abdomen is being examined. On palpation of. Right hypochondrial region , there is pain on deep inspiration and the patient catches breath The diagnosis is probably

a. Acute Appendicitis

b. Acute cholecystitis

c. Rupture Spleen

d. Ca Caecum

Answer B) Acute cholecystitis

Reference: Bailey and Love 24th Edition Page 1105

177) M.leprae can be grown as a culture in

a. 9 banded armadillo

b. Food pad of mice

c. Both

d. None

Answer B) Both

Reference: Ananthanarayanan 7th Edition Page 371

178) MC Cause of lymphedema all over the world is

a. HL

b. NHL

c. Filariasis

d. Bacterial infection

Answer C) Filariasis

Reference: Bailey and Love 24th Edition Page 976

179) Anderson – Hynes Operation is for

a. Hydronephrosis

b. Mitral Stenosis

c. AV Fistula of Lower Limb

d. Incisional hernia

Answer : A) hydronephrosis

Reference: Bailey and Love 24th Edition Page 1315

180) Implanatation dermoid most commonly seen in

a. Finger

b. Skull

c. Scalp

d. Hip

Answer a) Finger

Reference: Surgical short Cases Das 2nd Edition Page 3

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