Thursday, February 5, 2009

38 - urinary tract mcqs - part 2

8q: a child with recurrent urinary tract infections is most likely to show ?

a. posterior urethral valves
b. vesicoureteric reflux
c. neurogenic bladder
d. renal and ureteric calculi

answer: b . vesicoureteric reflux .

9q: acute urinary retention in a male child may be due to ?

a. prostatic radiotherapy
b. urethral stricture
c. hysteria
d. meatal ulcer with scabbing

answer: d . meatal ulcer with scabbing .

10q: what is oliguria ?

a. excretion of less than 300 ml in 24 hours
b. excretion of less than 500 ml in 24 hours
c. excretion fo less than 300 ml in 12 hours
d. excretion of less than 100 ml in 24 hours

answer: b . excretion of less than 500 ml in 24 hours .

11q: normal capacity of the renal pelvis is ?

answer: 7ml .

12q: commonest organism giving rise to urinary tract infections ?

a. E coli
b. proteus
c. staphylococcus
d. streptococcus

answer: a . E coli .

13q: acute onset of anuria in elderly men ?

a. bilateral infarction of kidneys
b. obstructive urinary disease
c. acute tubular necrosis
d. acute cortical necrosis

answer: b . obstructive urinary disease .

14q: urinary incontinence results from all except ?

a. neurogenic bladder
b. vesico vaginal fistula
c. ectopic ureter
d. rectovesical fistula

answer: d . rectovesical fistula .

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