Thursday, February 5, 2009

42 - parathyroid and adrenal surgery mcqs - 3

17q: most common symptom of pheochromocytoma ?

a. palpitation
b. headache
c. sweating
d. dyspnoea

answer : b . headache . the most common symptom is hypertension followed by headache and sweating and palpitation .

18q: hypoparathyroidism occurs as a result of ?

a. idiopathic atrophy of parathyroids
b. following surgery
c. thyroiditis with secondary atrophy of parathyroids
d. all the above

answer: a and b are true . i have no idea about the option c .

19q: hypocalcemia in immediate post operative period following excision of parathyroid adenoma is due to ?

a. stress
b. increased uptake of bones
c. hypercalcuria
d. increased calcitonin

answer: b . increased uptake of bones . this is otherwise called hungry bone syndrome .

20q: in parathyroid crisis with sudden elevations of calcium over 16 mg/dl . the treatment consists of ?

a. intravenous vitamin D
b. parathyroidectomy for removal of adenoma
c. thyrocalcitonin
d. intravenous bicarbonate
e. all of the above

answer: b and c are true .

21q: hyperparathyroidism is characterised by the following except ?

a. generalised osteoporosis
b. renal calculi
c. hypercalcemia
d. osteosclerosis

answer: d .osteosclerosis .

22q: palpation on the costovertebral angle produces pain and tenderness in acute adrenal insufficiency . this is ?

a. rotch's sign
b. rossolimo's sign
c. rogoff's sign
d. osler's sign

answer: c . rogoff's sign .

23q: a patient has hypocalcemia which was the result of a surgical complication . which operation could it possibly have been ?

a. nephrectomy
b. thyroidectomy
c. gastrectomy
d. vocal cord tumor biopsy

answer: b . thyroidectomy .

24q: the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism include ?

a. constipation and muscle weakness
b. anorexia and weight loss
c. polydypsia and polyuria
d. all the above

answer: d . all the above .

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