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46 - oral cavity surgery mcqs - part 3

21q: which of the following statements best represents ludwig’s angina ?


  1. a type of coronary artery spasm
  2. an infection of the cellular tissues around submandibular gland
  3. oesophageal spasm
  4. retropharyngeal infection


answer: b . an infection of the cellular tissues around submandibular gland .


22q: treatment of choice for carcinoma of lip less than one centimeter ?


  1. radiation
  2. chemotherapy
  3. excision
  4. radiation and chemotherapy


answer: c . excision .


23q: carcinoma of tongue less than 2 centimeters is treated by ?


  1. excision
  2. radiotherapy
  3. chemotherapy
  4. excision and radiotherapy
  5. excision and chemotherapy


answer: a . excision .


24q: a patient presented with a 1 X 1.5 cms growth on the lateral border of the tongue. The treatment indicated would be ?


  1. laser ablation
  2. interstitial brachytherapy
  3. external beam radiotherapy
  4. chemotherapy


answer: b . interstitial brachytherapy .  when u are asked about the management of carcinoma of tongue first observe the size of the tumor , if the size of the tumor is less than 1 cms surgical excision with wide margins is the treatment of choice .

                                                 if the size of the tumor is greater than 1 cm , then radiotherapy is the treatment of choice .

                                                 radiotherapy is of two types , that is interstitial brachytherapy and teletherapy . if the cancer of tongue involves anterior part of the tongue , then interstitial brachytherapy is the treatment of choice and if the cancer involves the posterior part of the tongue then teletherapy is the treatment of choice .


25q: tina , a 32 year old female from rural background presented with a history of chronic tobacco chewing since 14 year of age . now she has difficulty in opening her mouth. On oral examination no ulcers are seen . most probable diagnosis  ?


  1. submucous oral fibrosis
  2. carcinoma of buccal mucosa
  3. TM joint arthritis
  4. Trigeminal nerve paralysis


Answer: a . submucous oral fibrosis .


26q: metastasis of carcinoma buccal mucosa goes to ?


  1. regional lymph node
  2. liver
  3. heart
  4. brain


answer: a . regional lymph node .


27q: all of the following predisposes to oral cancer except ?


  1. erythroplakia
  2. leukoplakia
  3. submucosal fibrosis
  4. lichen planus


answer: d . lichen planus .


28q: all of the following predispose to squamous cell carcinoma except ?


  1. lichen planus of mouth
  2. bowen’s disease
  3. inverted papilloma of nose
  4. chronic irritation or oral mucosa of jagged teeth


answer: a . lichen planus of mouth .


the predisposing factors for squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity :


  1. leukoplakia
  2. erythroplakia
  3. chronic hyperplastic candidiasis
  4. oral submucosal fibrosis
  5. syphilitic glossitis
  6. sideropenic dysphagia
  7. long standing dental ulcer (chronic irritation or oral  mucosa by jagged teeth)


29q: impacted wisdom teeth may produce referred pain via ?


  1. lingual nerve
  2. facial nerve
  3. branch of the auriculo temporal nerve
  4. none


answer: c . branch of the auriculo temporal nerve .


30q: not a carcinogenic for cancer of head and neck ?


  1. alcohol
  2. smoking
  3. tobacco
  4. unflourinated water


answer: d . unflourinated water .


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