Thursday, February 5, 2009

43 - parathyroid and adrenal surgery mcqs - 4

25q: commonest cause of cushing's syndrome is ?

a. adrenal adenoma
b. carcinoma
c. hyperplasia
d. atrophy

answer: c . hyperplasia

26q: a known patient with renal stone disease developed pathological fractures along with abdominal pain and certain psychiatric symptoms. he should be suffering from ?

a. polycystic kidney
b. renal tubular acidosis
c. hyperparathyroidism
d. paget's disease of bone

answer: c . hyperparathyroidism .

27q: which of the following is not seen in neuroblastoma ?

a. diarrhoea
b. proptosis
c. splenomegaly
d. bone involvement

answer: c . splenomegaly .

28q: in pheochromocytoma the urine will contain ?

a. VMA
c. both
d. none

answer: a . VMA only .

29q: which of the following is a false statement about pheochromocytoma ?

a. 10 % are bilateral
b. arises from chromaffin cells
c. extra adrenal tumor - increase in nor adrenaline levels
d. increased VMA levels in urine

answer: i sense that all of them are correct . ( if u dont agree post in comments with explanation ).

30q: opsoclonus - myoclonus is a phenomenon seen in ?

a. wilm's tumor
b. neuroblastoma
c. meningioma
d. cortical tuberculoma

answer: b . neuroblastoma .

31q: hypocalcemia is a feature of all of the following except ?

a. chronic renal failure
b. hypoparathyroidism
c. pseudo hypoparathyroidism
d. total thyroidectomy

answer: all the 4 options given above can cause hypocalcemia .

32q: hypertension is seen in all except ?

a. adrenal tumors
b. pheochromocytoma
c. conn's syndrome
d. neuroblastoma

answer: actually all cause hypertension . ( if u think otherwise please post in comments ) .

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