Friday, February 20, 2009

49 - wounds, tissue repair and scars mcqs - 1

1q: which one of the following is used as preservative for packing catgut suture ?

a. isopropyl alcohol
b. colloidal iodine
c. glutaraldehyde
d. hydrogen peroxide

answer: a . isopropyl alcohol .

2q: most common site of hypertrophic keloid ?

a. face
b. leg
c. pre sternal area
d. arm

answer: c . presternal area .

3q: first line treatment for keloid is ?

a. intralesional injection of keloid
b. local steroid
c. radiotherapy
d. wide excision

answer: a . intralesional injection of steroid .

4q: drug used for intralesional injection of keloid ?

a. prednisolone
b. triamcinolone
c. androgen
d. hydrocortisone

answer: b . triamcinolone .

5q: in an open injury during toileting and debridement , muscle viability is detected by ?

a. colour of muscle
b. muscle size
c. muscle function
d. muscle contractility
e. punctuate bleeding spots on cut edge

answer: a , d , e .

6q: prevention of wound infection is done by ?

a. preoperative shaving
b. preoperative antibiotic therapy
c. monofilament suture
d. wound opposition

answer: b , c, d are true . pre operative shaving just before surgery is preventive not the day before .

7q: the best skin graft for an open wound is ?

a. isograft
b. homograft
c. allograft
d. autograft

answer: d . autograft .

8q: regarding antibiotics true is ?

a. no prophylaxis for clean contaminated surgery
b. no prophylaxis for gastric ulcer surgery
c. prophylaxis for colorectal surgery
d. local irrigation with antibiotics contraindicated when systemic antibiotics are given

answer: c .

9q: keloid scar is made up of ?

a. dense collagen
b. loose fibrous tissue
c. granulomatous tissue
d. loose areolar tissue

answer: a . dense collagen .

10q: primary closure of incised wound must be done with in ?

a. 2 hours
b. 4 hours
c. 6 hours
d. 12 hours
e. 16 hours

answer: c . 6 hours .

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