Friday, February 20, 2009

50 - wounds, tissue repar and scars mcqs - 2

11q: the tensile strength of wound reaches that of normal tissue by ?

a. 6 weeks
b. 2 months
c. 4 months
d. 6 months
e. never

answer: e . never .

12q: the worst position for scars is ?

a. back
b. shoulder
c. sternum
d. abdomen

answer: c . sternum .

13q: the best scars are seen in ?

a. infants
b. children
c. adults
d. very old people

answer: d . very old people .

14q: patient has a lacerated untidy wound of the leg and attended the casualty after 2 hours .his wound should be ?

a. sutured immediately
b. debrided and sutured immediately
c. debrided and sutured secondarily
d. cleaned and dressed

answer: b . debrided and sutured immediately .

15q: the following are required for wound healing ?

a. zinc
b. copper
c. vitamin C
d. calcium

answer: all are necessary .

16q: when is the maximum collagen content of wound tissue ?

a. between third and fifth day
b. between 6th and 17th day
c. between 17th and 21st day
d. none

answer: c . between 17th and 21st day .

17q: if suture marks are to be avoided , skin sutures should be removed by ?

a. 72 hours
b. 1 week
c. 2 weeks
d. 3 weeks

answer: b . 1 week .

18q: what is true about keloids ?

a. it appears immediately after surgery
b. it appears a few days after surgery
c. it is limited in its distribution
d. it is common in old people

answer: b . it appears a few days after surgery .

19q: a patient with grossly contaminated wound presents 12 hours after an accident . his wound should be managed by ?

a. through cleaning and primary repair
b. through cleaning with debridement of all dead and devitalized tissue without primary closure
c. primary closure over a drain
d. covering the defect with split skin graft after cleaning

answer: b .

20q: delayed wound healing is seen in all except ?

a. malignancy
b. hypertension
c. diabetes
d. infection

answer: b . hypertension .

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