Friday, February 20, 2009

51 - wounds, tissue repair and scars mcqs - 3

21q: the following statement about keloid is true ?

a. they do not extend into normal skin
b. local recurrence is common after excision
c. they often undergo malignant change
d. they are more common in whites than in blacks

answer: b .

22q: fibroblast in healing wound is derived from ?

a. local mesenchyme
b. epithelium
c. endothelium
d. vascular fibrosis

answer: a . local mesenchyme .

23q: in the healing of a clean wound the maximum immediate strength of the wound is reached by ?

a. 2-3 days
b. 4-7 days
c. 10-12 days
d. 13-18 days

answer: d . 13-18 days .

24q: degloving injury is ?

a. surgeon made wound
b. lacerated wound
c. avulsion injury
d. blunt injury
e. abrasive wound

answer: c . avulsion injury .

25q: a clean incised wound heals by ?

a. primary intention
b. secondary intention
c. excessive scarring
d. none

answer: a . primary intention .

26q: in treatment of hand injuries , the greatest priority is ?

a. repair of tendons
b. restoration of skin cover
c. repair of nerves
d. repair of blood vessels

answer: b .

27q: during the surgical procedure ?

a. tendons should be repaired before nerves
b. nerves should be repaired before tendons
c. tendons should not be repaired at the same time
d. none

answer: b .

28q: limb salvage primarily depends on ?

a. vascular injury
b. skin cover
c. bone injury
d. nerve injury

answer: a . vascular injury .

29q: the vitamin which has inhibitory effect on wound healing ?

a. vitamin A
b. vitamin E
c. vitamin C
d. vitamin B Complex

answer: b . vitamin E .

30q: the tensile strength of the wound starts and increases after ?

a. immediate suture of wound
b. 3 to 4 days
c. 7 to 10 days
d. 6 months

answer: b . 3 to 4 days .

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